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Our NEW school opens this fall on September 2nd!!!  There is great excitement as we experiment with 21st Century Learning in preparation for this major event.  We encourage you to find out more by clicking on the links below, joining the SCC (who will be working on the transition this year), dropping by to talk about what the new design can offer your family, or by watching the progress of the new build on Princess Street.

Virtual Tour of Seven Stones - images

Virtual Tour of Seven Stones - video

Photo Tour - April 15, 2014


School Opening Events


August 28 and 29 - school open for registrations

September 2 - first day of classes (8:53 am start time)

September 3 - Welcome Assembly - 10:45 (families welcome!)

September 16 - Ministry of Education Grand Opening Event - 10:00 am


School Supply List for 2014-15 at Seven Stones - click attachment

Early Years Family Centre

Seven Stones - Creating our School Identity

Thank you to everyone who voted in both rounds of our contest to

establish our Seven Stones team name and identity!

The results are posted below...


We Are...

Seven Stones Community School Spirit

Learning Improvement Plan 2013-2014

red bison

Our 2013-2014 Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) is available with our AMAZING RESULTS!!

See our goals posted on the right hand tool bar. 

Click the attachment below to view our complete plan and data.


We're Great and Getting Greater!!

Arts and Clubs at Wascana


Band Sectionals - Day 5 afternoons

Full Band - Day 2

Fiddle - Tuesday afternoons

Niska Boys - Thursday afternoons

Sage Girls - Tuesday afternoons

HOPE Club - Thursdays at noon

Cooking Club - Thursdays after school

ACT - Tuesdays after school

Rainbow Club - Wednesdays at noon

Metis Jigging - Mondays at noon, Thursdays after school

Cup Stacking Club - noon hour



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