School Community Council

Welcome to the School Community Council (SCC) Page!


Meetings are held once per month, usually at 2:45 pm..

See calendar of events for the dates.


Elections of the Executive occured Wednesday, October 21st. The results of which are below. 

There are many vacant positions at this time.  If you are interested in joining the SCC, contact Mr. Fladager.


Elected Officials:

Chair - Amanda Dubois

Vice-Chair -  Keri Ponace

Secretary- Candace Soeder

Treasurer- Karen Lonechild

Members at Large - Pauline Gabriel 

School based members - Mr. Fladager and Mrs. Reavley

Community members - vacant


Planned Events:

- supporting teachers with per classroom donations for materials

- purchasing data projectors and speakers for any classroom who do not have one

- supporting literacy events throughout the year

- supporting transition events

- purchasing iPads for classroom teachers

- supporting Staff Aprreciation Week

- literacy materials purchases

- supporting school clothing sales

-advisory on Family of Neighbourhood Schools concept

- advisory on Synervoice communication practices

- advisory on school safety procedures

- support running a canteen at the National Aboriginal Day celebration

-support purchasing lunch room cards for families in need of temporary support

- support for creating a calendar of local heroes

 - cookie dough fundraiser

- emergency lunch card purchase

- emergency health product purchase

- family literacy day materials support 

- science materials

- Numeracy events 

- butterfly kits

- EYES camps

- Grade 8 farewell gifts

- TRC map project